Since the beginning of the modern wind energy era in the 1970s, the industry has been on a quest to reduce the cost of producing electricity. Achieving parity with conventional generating sources, enabling wind to become a mainstream source of electricity, has been elusive until now.

The Wind Turbine Company (WTC) has developed and tested a game changing, lightweight, reliable low-cost wind turbine.

Our fatigue load reducing design allows us to cut material usage almost in half compared with 3-blade, upwind turbines with the same generating capability. As a result, our turbines will cost one-third less to manufacture, relative to output, than today's largest selling turbines when produced in comparable volumes.

Today's wind industry leaders all rely on subsidies. However, government priorities can change. Subsidies available today might not be there tomorrow.

Our business model is built on producing low-cost wind turbines capable of generating competitively priced electricity. We will pass cost savings on to our customers allowing our turbines to produce competitively priced wind energy without the need for subsidies. It can be done and we intend to do it.

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Our Market

Our long-term focus is on the large turbine market. Wind turbines in this market compete with other commercial electricity generating technologies at wholesale electricity prices.

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Our Technology

Our approach to wind turbine design is not new. It actually represents a modern update of the pioneering Smith-Putnam wind turbine installed in 1941!

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Our Plans

Our plan is to enter the commercial wind market focusing on the distributed generation or community wind market.

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